Taco Time Vegan

Taco Time Vegan Menu Options

There are many controversial stories about being vegan. Most people think that vegan food is expensive, which is not necessarily true. Vegan food can be very cheap and you can…

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Little Caesars Vegan

Little Caesars Vegan Menu Options

Who does not love a good pizza? Eating a great pizza and enjoying it is all part of the human experience. However, there are days when it happens to be…

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Sheetz Vegan

Sheetz Vegan Options – A Full Breakdown

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is hard work. To succeed, you need to have the determination, and the decision has to come from the heart. It is also advisable to research…

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Steak And Shake Vegan

Steak And Shake Vegan Options

Generally, this does not sound like a vegan friendly restaurant at all. The words ‘Stake´ in stake and shake will rub you the wrong way when you are a vegan…

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jimmy johns vegan menu

Jimmy Johns Vegan Menu – What’s Available?

Jimmy Johns Vegan Menu – Let’s break it down for all you vegans that want to eat out at Jimmy Johns restaurant. Going vegan is a lifestyle choice that is…

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vegan diet and Vitamin B12

What you need to know about the vegan diet and Vitamin B12

Whether you are starting off on the vegan diet or you have been in it for quite some time, there is no denying that Vitamin B12 and its forms, such…

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Mimi’s Café Vegan Menu – is it worth it?

Being a vegan is great, but it is also exhausting, especially when you are looking for a nice place to eat out. Many restaurants unfortunately do not have vegan-friendly options,…

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Buffalo wild wings vegan

Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan – Is It Available?

As a vegan, my lunch is one of the most difficult meals to adopt, especially because I work far away from home. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to carry a…

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old chicago vegan

Old Chicago Vegan Restaurant Menu

Americans are known for their love for meat, which is inclusive of chicken turkey or even ribs. About 2.5 percent of the population has adopted a vegan diet for various…

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Zaxby's vegan

Zaxby’s vegan

Until recently, there was not much that a vegan could eat at a restaurant, we will concentrate on Zaxby’s vegan choices in this article. Adopting a vegan lifestyle is not…

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