old chicago vegan

Old Chicago Vegan Restaurant Menu

Americans are known for their love for meat, which is inclusive of chicken turkey or even ribs. About 2.5 percent of the population has adopted a vegan diet for various…

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Zaxby's vegan

Zaxby’s vegan

Until recently, there was not much that a vegan could eat at a restaurant, we will concentrate on Zaxby’s vegan choices in this article. Adopting a vegan lifestyle is not…

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Firehouse subs vegan

Firehouse Subs Vegan

Your transition to veganism does not have to be as complicated as you think. People make vegan is sound challenging but that is really not what it’s about. One way…

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Macaroni Grill Vegan

Macaroni Grill Vegan – is it worth it?

Chain restaurants are not exactly the definition of prime place to eat at, especially when you are on a diet and limiting certain foods. Chain restaurants all have one thing…

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chili's vegan

Chili’s Vegan Menu

Going vegan might see like just a trendy thing to do but that is not the case for everyone. Unlike the paleo or keto diet, veganism is a lifestyle. You…

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baskin robbins vegan

Baskin Robbins Vegan Ice Cream – Is It Available?

As awareness of healthy diets and foods continues to spread, it is very difficult to walk into supermarkets and find no vegan foods – including ice cream. If you were…

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energy drinks for a vegan

Guide to energy drinks for a vegan diet

Vegan dieting is great. You are eliminating so many animal foods and products that can lead to illnesses as you grow older, and you actively commit to this lifestyle of…

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Five Guys Vegan

Five Guys vegan options

  It is normal to want to socialize with your friends and family, and part of that involves going out to eat with them, I wanted to write about Five…

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Baja fresh vegan

Baja Fresh vegan menu options

When you decide to go vegan, many changes accompany your decision. You might even feel restricted to making food at home to make wholesome meals. Thanks to many restaurants embracing…

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ruby tuesday vegan

Ruby Tuesday Vegan

Alongside losing weight, many people have decided to get healthier while making the world a better place. Good thing is, you can do all this just by going vegan. The…

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