Baskin Robbins Vegan Ice Cream – Is It Available?

baskin robbins vegan

As awareness of healthy diets and foods continues to spread, it is very difficult to walk into supermarkets and find no vegan foods – including ice cream.

If you were a fan of this sweet treat but had to give it up because of your vegan lifestyle, then there could be some hope for you in reclaiming your sweet tooth back – at least somehow.

While it is easy to find vegan ice cream in a supermarket, is that the same case for ice cream shops?

Particularly can you get Baskin Robbins vegan ice cream? In this article, we find out whether they have quite the selection, and whether you can go for alternatives in case that fails to work out.

Why the shift to vegan ice cream?

The increasing awareness of people regarding animals and their welfare, as well as their personal health and climate change, is behind the increasing demand for plant products.

In particular, the dairy industry suffers from various malpractices to do with the processing and handling of milk and milk products.

A recent study, in fact, revealed that every one in ten people consider dairy to be bad for their health, and link it to many conditions such as Parkinson’s and Arthritis diseases.

Because of this, there are many alternatives to dairy ice cream that are in development, with most ice cream establishments already having them in stock.

This not only caters to vegans, but dairy-drinkers as well, with a study showing 50% of dairy drinkers purchase non-dairy alternatives on a regular basis.

What flavors can you get from Baskin Robbins?

The good thing with this establishment is their sorbet and ‘ice’ flavors, which are quite many. They include:

  • Horchata Ice – is among the newest releases, featuring cinnamon horchata ice and coconut cream. It has also proven to be among their most popular flavors.
  • Daiquiri Ice – if you are a fan of summer and some interesting rum flavoring, then this is the best pick. However, you need to be careful when ordering it, as it is packed in the restaurant and might come into contact with allergens – including peanuts and tree nuts.

Bear in mind that all these selections will change according to the location of the store.

Therefore, when you place orders, always check by location to make sure there are no allergens, and the ice cream satisfies your diet requirements.

Are there alternative brands that sell vegan ice cream?

Turns out there are. All these that we will mention below have worthy reasons for you to consider them, just in case Baskin Robbins vegan ice cream is not available or fails to satisfy your needs. They include:

So Delicious

In the world of ice cream brands, this is among the easiest you can find in the united states. In fact, you can find their ice creams in any major store you can think of, from Target to Sprouts to Ralphs, and this makes them very accessible.

In addition, they boast a huge range of vegan-friendly ice cream treats and variations.

Part of the appeal comes from their milk alternatives – they use almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk and coconut milk, and these are reviewed as follows:

  • Soy milk – this flavor is among the mildest you can find, yet it has a pleasing taste. It is great if you want a mild dessert, but it does not have the same depth in its taste, which you would get in dairy ice cream. As a result, it is very sweet, which might irritate you if you are not a major fan of that. The most enjoyable flavor in the series is the Neapolitan.
  • Coconut milk – this is the best if you are missing the richness of dairy ice cream, as it has the most similar flavor and smooth profile. The best flavor is the cookie dough, which is surprisingly gluten-free. The other flavors are great as well.
  • Cashew milk – this is both rich and very tasty, and very easy to indulge in. you can get anything here, from snickerdoodle and salted caramel, to chocolate chunks and cookie dough. You can get the classic flavors as well if you miss their dairy counterparts.

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

This has the distinction of being among the healthiest brands of ice cream you can get, as it has organic certification and has a variety of flavors.

As the name suggests, the main ingredient in use is coconut, but the ice cream does not have an overwhelming taste of coconut.

The unique flavors here include Mocha Maca Crunch, Cinnamon Chocolate Fusion, as well as Ginger Cookie Caramel. You can get the classic flavors as well, such as chocolate and vanilla.

Thanks to the organic ingredients, its reliance on coconut as the base ingredient, and few ingredients, this is the healthiest vegan ice cream you can get among the big brands.


This establishment makes their ice cream using the base ingredients of soy, almonds, coconut, and rice. Among all these, the almond is the most accessible.

Their almond ice creams are good if you are not a fan of coconut ice creams, as the profile is light, yet satisfying and creamy.

The best one to get is the vanilla flavor – however, it is best to be careful if you have an allergy to dairy (it might have some traces of dairy due to shared equipment).


While this brand is primarily dairy, there are some dairy-free offers, which are Chocolate Salty Caramel, Burnt Sugar Vanilla, and Speculoos Cookie Butter.

All of these use coconut milk as a base, as well as organic ingredients that do not have additional preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of vegan ice creams you can get at Baskin Robbins, but their selection can be quite limited.

That is also why it is a good idea to consider alternatives, which are quite many and can give you what you want in case this famous establishment does not meet your wants.

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