Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan – Is It Available?

Buffalo wild wings vegan

As a vegan, my lunch is one of the most difficult meals to adopt, especially because I work far away from home.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to carry a packed lunch to the office which is very inconveniencing for me.

Before I found the best solution, I had to search around for multiple alternatives and it took me quite some time. Lucky for me, and some of my co-workers, Buffalo wild wings started to offer a vegan menu to cater for that part of the population.

While it might not be the most vegan-friendly restaurants, which you can probably tell by its name, it helps to sustain us during that strenuous lunch hour.

There is nothing as exciting as seeing a black bean burger on the Buffalo wild wings vegan menu.

Most vegans will tell you that that is the most popular vegan dish in almost all the restaurants. While most restaurants served the black bean in other dishes, they often pair it with an animal product which kind of ruins it for my vegan lifestyle.

In my recent search for vegan dishes, I discovered that you do not need chicken for tasty Buffalo wings.

A vegetable, coat of protein and vinegary sauce will do the trick when it comes to your vegan diet. For the vegan version, Buffalo wings create a vegan classic.

The pub food is created with a seitan or wheat gluten. The gluten is prepared from zero, which is a great thing.

Next, they season it to make it very flavourful that you forget you are not taking chicken anymore.

Unlike the basic chicken meals, the seitan has a high level of protein.

It can be used in a wide range of recipes, which means you can eat it in more than one way and is a substitute for basically any type of meat.

It makes your meals healthier and more convenient.

What can you order at Buffalo wild wild wings vegan?

Before you order anything, you have to keep in mind that Buffalo wild wings is in no way a Vegan Friendly restaurant.

It is not a vegetarian restaurant either. The restaurant does not, in any way advertise themselves as vegan-friendly.

One of their main dishes is the chicken wings, which is popular among people who are on a meat friendly lifestyle.

Even so, there are multiple things you can modify and order from their menu as vegan.

Keep in mind that some of their fried foods have beef shortening, which is completely non vegan.

You have to ask and enquire about the ingredients every time you need to order from them. Some of their fried foods could be vegan while others may not be.

If the meal id fried in animal Fat, then it completely does not count as a vegan dish.

Here are a few of the vegan Buffalo wild Wings items you can enjoy with some modifications. Ensure you contact the restaurant and inform them before hand to avoid some of the minimal issues.

The side salad

This may not be a big deal because most restaurants serve salads. Buffalo wings are no exception from the norm.

This is basically just another salad. Ensure you order your salad without the croutons and cheese to make it completely vegan.

The vegan dressing menu includes some light Balsamic, Light Asian Sesame, Light French, and the Lemon Vinaigrette

The big twist Soft pretzel

Some would say that this is the biggest and most hearty vegan dish in the menu.

They oven bake the pretzel so vegans do not have to worry about any cross contamination. You can have the pretzel with the any vegan dip.

Here are some of their famous vegan sources and dips

Vegan sauce
Jammin Jalapeno Wing Sauce
Asian Zing Sauce
Blazin’ Sauce
Caribbean Jerk Sauce
Chipotle BBQ Seasoning
Desert Heat Seasoning
Hot Sauce
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
Mango Habanero Sauce
Salt & Vinegar Seasoning
Sweet BBQ Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce
Wild Sauce


Here are all the vegan dishes in the buffalo wild wings vegan

Brioche Burger Bun
Hoagie Bun
Flour Tortilla
Carrot Sticks
Celery Sticks
White Rice
Mandarin Oranges
Soft Pretzel (No Queso, no butter)
Side salad (no cheese or croutons, light balsamic dressing)
Pico De Gallo


The white rice

This is their most basic vegan dish; it is basically plan white rice which you can pair with any of their sauces or Dishes. The vegan sauces spices up the rice to make it less boring and delicious.

Grilled chicken without the chicken

You can get the grilled chicken wraps without the chicken or the cheese. The chicken wrap should have the sauce, tomatoes and lettuce.

You can substitute the chips or salsa with some fresh veggies or soft pretzel.

Another option is the grilled chicken buffalitos without the chicken, cheese and sour cream.

Ask for the vegan tortilla wraps, which is basically a vegan buffalitos. They contain two soft flours tortillas, lettuce, pico de gallo and dry seasoning.


There is nothing fancy with the fruits from buffalo wild wings. You can get a carrots and celery container for your dessert.

It is basically just made of cut carrots and celery. Your kids can have the delicious mandarine oranges right after their meals.

The salsa and pico de gallo

This is the most obvious and loved vegan dish at the buffalo wild wings. This dish is made with tomatoes, onions, peppers and other spices.

You can order this dish together with the veggie boat.

Finally, you can have some mixed drinks with your vegan dinner. Their well known sports bar has a huge selection of liquors, beers and other alcohol.

If you are 21 and above, you can order any frink you need, ensure you inform them that you want it to be vegan.

Final word

Not all buffalo locations have all vegan condiments like the ones mentioned above. For instance, at some locations the beer braised mushrooms may not be vegan.

It is quiet impossible to find out the right vegan meal for you unless you carry out plenty of research.

In Buffalo wings, you will find that the seasonings and sauce are the only constant vegan items and you will have to improvise the rest.

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