7 tips to help you eat out on a vegan diet (featuring Cracker Barrel vegan)

Cracker Barrel vegan

If you are on a diet, it can be quite the challenge getting a good restaurant to eat out at, don’t worry Cracker Barrel vegan is a great choice.

There are many questions you might have, regardless of the diet type you follow, such as the best restaurants to get a Keto-based diet meal or a vegan meal.

I can understand the struggle, as I am a vegan myself.

Going to different restaurants and trying their vegan options is usually a hit or miss for me, especially depending on the chef that handled your food.

Many vegans seem to feel the same way, as a survey carried out in 2014 with former vegans and vegetarians revealed that 60% of them saw their lifestyles as very challenging because they always felt like they were sticking out from the crowd.

The good news is that there is increasing awareness of the nutritional needs of different individuals, and restaurants are becoming more sensitive to the needs of their customers compared to years before.

This has led to the creation of diet-specific menus in many restaurants, although this is not everywhere. The truth remains that vegan dining will be more fun for you if you are willing to stay confident in the crowd, and do creative modifications to the menu (at least respectfully).

If you are a vegan or know someone who is, here are some useful tips to help maximize on the experience of eating out.

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Check out the Happy Cow website

If you are in a place that you do not know very well and are looking for a vegan-friendly restaurant, this website will help you immensely.

You can also access the restaurant reviews from customers, so that you can see what they are saying and make a decision you will be happy with.

In the reviews, you will also notice people mentioning if they modified a certain dish, as well as the level of service they got from both the chef and waiters.

Cracker barrel vegan gets great reviews for its vegan selection.

Check out the menu online

Like I mentioned before, not every restaurant will have a vegan selection. For instance, Cracker Barrel vegan is one of them – the restaurant has limited options, and this is due to its theme of offering food cooked in a southern style.

Therefore, you might go there and spend the whole while feeling frustrated because you do not have meal options, or the ones they have are not what you want.

You can save yourself the trouble by looking up the menu of the restaurant you plan to visit, as many of them have their own websites.

You will end up going to non-vegan restaurants quite a few times due to various reasons, but you might find something that appeals to you and satisfies your dietary needs at the same time.

This will also help you plan ahead and take note of options you can eat in advance.

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Calling the restaurant

Sometimes you might not get obvious vegan choices from the menu, so it helps to call the restaurant directly and ask if they can accommodate your vegan needs.

While this may seem like you are being a pain, it actually isn’t – many restaurants like being given a heads up.

In addition, it helps to be specific about what you want when making your order.

You might call them and they will respond enthusiastically (because it is bad news if they shun you out), only to find that the only thing they serve you is a small bowl of salad.

If you have a dish in your mind, do not be afraid to ask them to make it – they are the business, their job is to serve you, and they will make whatever you ask them for.

Ask them if there is a vegetarian menu

On the other hand, you may not be aware of it, but there are some restaurants that have “secret menus”.

You will be very surprised to find out your favourite restaurant might have one, because they will not tell you unless you request for it.

Many of these options have amazing dishes on the list, so it does not hurt to ask them and find out what they possibly have.

Go creative with the side dishes

if you want to make a vegetarian meal into a vegan one, it is very easy – only involves replacing butter with oil, or removing the cheese if the meal comes with some.

If you go to a restaurant and find they have limited or no vegan choices, you can opt for this method.

For instance, you might decide to get a number of side dishes, without butter or cheese, and this creates an entire meal.

If you want to make it interesting, you can add some vegetables, beans or brown rice, and this will give you a balanced meal.

However, if you are fearing that the place you are going to has very limited options, you can just eat before you go there and save yourself the trouble.

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Go for ethnic cuisine

You might not have thought much about it, but ethnic cuisine is really interesting because you can modify it in so many ways or get vegan choices.

Experiment with different restaurants and see what you like, you might be surprised at what you get.

For instance, deciding to eat out at a Thai, Ethiopian or Indian restaurant can lead you to discover so many choices, and even dishes with cream are easy to make without negatively impacting the flavour of the food itself.

Do not stress yourself out

I know that the prospect of eating out on a vegan diet is daunting and you might not like the experience very much, but do not stress yourself while trying to get the best place.

Many restaurants will not have the choices you want, so choose to focus on the experience, and realize it is not that serious.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, the most important aspect of restaurant dining is the entire experience, not the food you eat alone. You do not need endless choices to do well either, as sometimes limitations can lead to creativity with your requests and a great dining out experience.

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