Firehouse Subs Vegan

Firehouse subs vegan

Your transition to veganism does not have to be as complicated as you think.

People make vegan is sound challenging but that is really not what it’s about.

One way to make your process of veganism easy is by elimination some of your meat food groups at a time. You can choose to make the process more joyous by doing it based on your own pace.

Once you start eliminating and adding food to make your vegan diet more wholesome, I guarantee that you will have a greater shift in your consciousness. It has been proven that going vegan raises your compassion levels towards yourself, the environment and animals. This helps a lot with the shift to veganism.

Going vegan also makes you part of the solution when it comes to solving some of the issues in our planet.

This article is meant to help you have a smoother transition to veganism. Here are some suggestions that will help you through your journey to veganism

Give up one animal at a time

This makes the transition way easier. For some people, like vegetarians, going vegan can be quiet easy.

For others, it takes months of planning and can way you down. You can start by giving up your least favourite meats and working your way up to the most favourite. In a few months or weeks, you will find that you are no longer ingesting any form of meat and are completely vegan.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

This is one of the easiest parts about the process. It involves focusing on the meals you are adding on your plate instead of those you are taking away.

The process is very easy; all you have to do is fill your plate with greens, vegetables and ripe organic fruits.

This, together with the first step of eliminating meat from your diet will make everything much easier. It helps you became healthier, have glowing skin, hydrate, lose weight and feel better.

Switching from dairy to almond

You will not find a single person who has switched to almond from dairy and does not like it. it is the easiest and fastest way to eliminate dairy form your diet.

You can also do vegan cheese, which tastes great on pizza and other dishes.

Experimenting and having fun with different vegan foods will help you transition very smoothly.

Drinking green juice

Drinking green juice is a way of getting all your minerals and vitamins to stay healthy. You can buy green juice from vegan restaurants.

Unlike popular opinion, going vegan is totally not about taking fresh juice alone. Juice is perfect for breakfast and as a snack, but not as a meal. In real sense, juicing will not be a sustainable meal for most people.

Another fact about juice is that it provides you with more energy than most supplements.

Finding vegan restaurants

This is a step to making your transition to veganism very easy, doable and enjoyable.

Firehouse subs vegan has made adjustment to for their meals to be more inclusive of people who live a vegan lifestyle.

The first step to finding a vegan restaurant is to make a plan.

Every time you plan on eating out, you should make it a thing to create a plan first.

This is because some restaurants have so many options that will confuse you when you are ready to make an order.

To prevent this from happening, you should ensure you have a laid out plan.

Salad is the safest vegan food you can take at any restaurant.

If you are unsure of the ingredients in a certain meal, you should always ask before you order to prevent any mistakes.

If you are unsure if the ingredients in their meals, you can go for a simple salad.

Here is what you should order

Vegan salad dressings

Topping used in firehouse vegan meals
Banana Peppers
Bell Peppers
Black Olives
Cherry Pepper Rings
Iceberg Lettuce
Jalapeno Peppers
Romaine Lettuce
Banana Peppers
Bell Peppers


Breads at firehouse subs

Bread Pair with
Wheat Bread Condiments and sauces
White Bread


The main vegan dishes/veggiL Quick Order

Veggie Sub bell peppers sautéed, raw onion, tomato, lettuce, mayo, provolone, Italian dressing, mustard Ask for no mayo and cheese
Plain Firehouse Salad Romaine, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, pepperoncini, cheese, with light Italian Dressing. Advise NO cheese. Substitute Vegan Dressing from their list of dressings Ask for no dairy and cheese
Side Salad Take with vegan dressing
Assorted chips


Brown Mustard
Marinara Sauce
 Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce
Yellow Mustard

Follow the following steps when you are searching for the perfect vegan restaurant to dine at

The first step is to do plenty of research. It is very important to do your research first online before you walk into a specific restaurant.

This will save you much time and embarrassment or mistakes when you are out ordering your meals. For instance, it will be easier for you to find out what kind of vegan meals firehouse subs serve.

This will also help you find out if a restaurant has vegan meals or not.

There is nothing as bad as showing up to a restaurant for a meal only to have some salad for lunch.

The next thing is to create a plan or meal in mind. This will make things easier for you at the restaurant.

Once you arrive at the firehouse subs, make sure you inform the cooks or staff that you are strictly vegan.

Double check with the cooks to  ensure that only vegan condiments are used to make your meals. If you have any allergy to any meals, do not forget to mention that to them

Final word

Most people in the vegan community will make you feel like a failure at first. That does not mean intentionally; you will find yourself stuck on your meals while other people know the ins and outs of making great vegan meals.

One other big problem you may encounter is finding the right vegan restaurant for yourself. Firehouse subs vegan menu may not be the best vegan menu but it is a start.

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What is vegan at Firehouse Subs?

Firehouse subs menu

Firehouse Subs Vegan Menu

Vegan Options at Firehouse Subs

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