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It is normal to want to socialize with your friends and family, and part of that involves going out to eat with them, I wanted to write about Five Guys vegan options.

However, when you are on a diet or want to eat healthier, eating out is not exactly the best course of action – particularly because not all establishments will follow through with amazing food that is tailored to what you want to eat.

Five Guys is one of those places.

If you are a vegan, you want to cut out all the meat and animal products in your life, but it does not have the best selection of foods you can choose from.

They do have something up their sleeve though, so do not write them off just yet – you can even check their website for any extra vegan items they might add.

While the establishment does not sound vegan-friendly at all, you might be surprised at what they have to offer – which we will highlight in this article.

What you should keep in mind

The restaurant does not have an extensive menu to begin with, so do not be disappointed that Five Guys vegan options are not many either.

There are some things you can do though, especially before heading there to eat:

  • Ask them on their social media handles and email about their vegan choices, since they are willing to listen to the customers as long as there is some demand.
  • Go to the locations in person and ask the managers about it. This method accomplishes two things – you get to raise awareness about being on a vegan diet, and you also get a chance to talk to them and see what they have to offer.

What to eat – Five Guys Vegan Options

There is only one option you can safely work with as a vegan – their fries. These are really tasty, but it is honestly a risk to consider their other choices (unless you are a vegetarian).

The fries are okay because they fry them in peanut oil, and they come in large quantities (in most cases, you will not be able to finish them).

Their veggie sandwich is something to avoid because it contains dairy.

For a vegetarian, you have more options of what you can consume, as the burger piling comes with tomatoes and fresh lettuce, as well as grilled mushrooms, grilled peppers and grilled onions, and you can even add a sauce if you want.

Possible alternatives to this eatery

If you want vegan, it might be tricky to get a good restaurant, but there is still some hope. For those days when you want to eat out, here are some alternatives to consider:

Acapulco – this has a similar feel to what you would expect from a Mexican-inspired restaurant, with a lot of spicy food.

In addition, their appetizer guacamole is among the best compared to numerous restaurants, making it quite a great fit if you know someone who is into the Keto diet as well.

Their best vegan dish however, is their veggie fajitas – just make sure to request for no creamy or cheesy sauces and condiments.

El Torito – this is similar to Acapulco, as their tableside guacamole is among the best rated in the country. Go for that option, as well as their salsa.

The most popular option is the veggie burrito, since it has plenty of tasty vegetables. To make it even more filling, get it with the vegetarian beans.

Another great option is the vegetable enchiladas (but request for no dairy).

Pizza Fusion – if you have ever thought of getting to a veggie heaven, this is the place.

They have tons of things to choose from – vegan pizza, sandwiches, organic salads, and so on. Yes, they have vegan pizza, which has no gluten, tasty toppings, and vegan cheese – you are sure to entertain your taste buds immensely.

Pick Up Stix – the cuisine you can never go wrong with when it comes to a vegan lifestyle is Asian cuisine.

There is always some form of veggie dish that is stir-fried, and the same case applies here. You can go for the tofu and veggies, rice bowls, steamed vegetables, and salads.

Just make sure to watch out for the teriyaki and soy if you happen to have gluten and wheat allergies.

Buca di Beppo – best option to go for is their bruschetta, but make sure to request for no sprinkled cheese.

Order this with a bowl of mixed green salad that has balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

If you are vegetarian, you can go for their pastas with vegetables and plain marinara – it is always satisfying and never goes wrong.

Claim Jumper – for the starting dish, get avocado rolls or fire roasted artichoke (request for ponzu sauce to come with it).

Their salads can be tricky, but you can make them vegan by removing the dairy and meat elements, while sticking to balsamic vinaigrette or citrus as a replacement.

If you want a heartier meal, then get the veggie sandwich (minus cheese), and combine that with their veggie stuffed baked potatoes (minus cheese).

Daphne’s – this is among the best restaurants, as they have a wide selection of Mediterranean choices.

In particular, the veggie combo plate is quite impressive; it features salad, pita and hummus, falafel, and dolmas.

That alone makes for a filling and delicious meal, but make sure to request for no cheese.

Z Pizza – this place offers organic pizza at an affordable cost.

The toppings, crusts and cheese are all organic and vegan-friendly, while the toppings are meatless. Everything here is fresh and tastes good.

Pollo Tropical – this is a treat if you are curious or a huge fan of Cuban food. Their sides are great and of a wide variety, which proves that you rarely go wrong with exotic cuisines.

They include rice with black beans, and boiled yucca in garlic sauce, as well as veggie tropichop (similar to a Cuban-style veggie rice bowl).

Final thoughts

Going vegan is not the easiest decision to make, especially when eating out – because your options are limited.

However, with some exploration, you might find something that appeals to you and you can enjoy without feeling guilty – unfortunately, Five Guys vegan choices do not offer it that much.

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