Jimmy Johns Vegan Menu – What’s Available?

jimmy johns vegan menu

Jimmy Johns Vegan Menu – Let’s break it down for all you vegans that want to eat out at Jimmy Johns restaurant.

Going vegan is a lifestyle choice that is being adopted by many people in recent years.

While some people go vegan because of a trend, it should be considered as a lifestyle. There are also people who go vegan for the environment, animals, or even people.

Unfortunately, when you decide to eat out whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack, getting a good restaurant can be challenging.

Also when you find a good restaurant, finding what to eat can be difficult.It could be frustrating if you anticipated a good time.

For you to have fun while eating out as a vegan, you need confidence.

You will need to master the courage to ask for modifications to your meal and respect the chef’s limits at the same time.You also have to ask about preparations and ingredients too.

Fortunately, more and more restaurant are adding vegan meals combination to their menus.

The high demand for vegan foods is the force behind this move. Jimmy John, too, has added vegan meals to their menu.

Here are tips for eating out as a vegan


It is always good to do your research on tasty vegan menus and restaurants before visiting them. Websites like happy cow is an excellent example of where to start.

You can easily find a restaurant near you by simply typing in your location. The site is also inclusive of previous customer’s reviews and ratings.

They will also include their dining experiences at the restaurants.

Plan ahead

Although many restaurants are adding vegan meals on their menu, there are not many meal options.

As a vegan, it is necessary to make prior plans more when you are visiting a new restaurant. You can do so by going on the restaurant’s websites and checking out their menu.

In case there is no apparent vegan menu, you can check if there are other meals that can be modified.

Alternatively, you can call the restaurant before visiting.

Going to a restaurant and getting disappointed can be frustrating. You can always call them and ask them for their options.

If there is a meal that you have in mind, ask if they can have it made for you.It will save you the time you would spend visiting the restaurant and getting disappointed.

Be creative

Some restaurants accommodate options that are not put up on the menu.

You have to be creative for you to have an excellent vegan mean when there are not many options. Jimmy Johns vegan menu has salads with lots of options as toppings, not to mention a variety of spreads.

You can also ask for thinny chips, jalapeno jimmy chips or classic jimmy chips on the side.

Share your thoughts

You can visit jimmy john social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube and leave your views.

As a result, they will read your reviews and take your suggestions into account.

They also might implement these views on their menu. Next time your experience and that of other vegans might be better.

What you can order from Jimmy Johns Vegan Menu


There are two sandwich choices on the menu, the Gourmet Vegetarian club, and the veggie sub.

They are meat-free without cheese or mayo.

For your salad toppings, you can request for celery, lettuce, lettuce wrap, sliced cucumber, tomato, onions, condiments, avocado spread, hot peppers, alfalfa sprouts, oil, and vinegar or Italian vinaigrette.

You can also visit the jimmy john website for more options.

They offer No Dairy ingredients, which is perfect for vegans and some vegetarians.

Below are some of the famous vegan based meals

Dish Description
The bread French Bread, 9-Grain Wheat Bread, Unwich (Lettuce Wrap)
Condiments Avocado Spread, Hellmann’s Mayo, Jimmy Mustard, Grey Poupon, Yellow Mustard, Oil & Vinegar, Oregano-Basil
Vegetables Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Sprouts, Jimmy Peppers, Jimmy Pickles
Chips Regular Jimmy Chips, Thinny Chips, Jalapeño Jimmy Chips, BBQ Jimmy Chips

Here is a jimmy johns vegan menu outline

Sandwich toppings

The main vegan toppings
Alfalfa Sprouts
Hot Peppers
Lettuce Wrap
Sliced Cucumber
Avocado Spread
Italian Vinaigrette
Oil & Vinegar

Benefits of going vegan

Vegan diet has been proven to help people reverse their current health conditions

Our health is a very valuable asset. If you get any chance to reduce your risk of diseases and support the body’s healing mechanism you should take it without a doubt.

Most people are not aware, but so many aspects of our health are in out won hands. Eating a vegan diet that is well planned helps lower the risks of stroke, cancer cardiovascular diseases among others.

Are you struggling with your weight?

Vegan diet will help you to get slim effortlessly. People who eat animal products have a less success rate of losing weight when compared to people who are on a vegan diet.

Animal products have a high fat and calorie density which makes it harder to lose weight. Most vegan dishes are high in water and fiber and low in fat which makes it hard to gain weight and easy to lose some.

If you love animals, going vegan is a great way to show some compassion

You have probably heard how animals are mistreated in large farms in order to produce the increasing demand for animal products.

The only way to reduce the rate of mistreatment on animals is by going vegan.

This reduces the demand for animal products and therefore number of animals reared in such farms.

Save the environment

Recent research shows that animals are responsible for a large part of the carbon emission and water wastage.

This is a huge threat to the environment and can cause irreversible damages in the future.

Factories that rare animals for consumption misuse water and cause C02 emission that is much larger than that produced by vehicles

Bottom line

You might encounter unpleasant experiences at non-vegan friendly restaurants.

Don’t sweat it, be creative, and find an excellent option to make a meal vegan-friendly.

To avoid getting deprived at the restaurant, you can have a light meal before visiting.

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