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Little Caesars Vegan

Who does not love a good pizza?

Eating a great pizza and enjoying it is all part of the human experience. However, there are days when it happens to be a late night – maybe you are heading home from work – and you just want to get a pizza delivery, eat and sleep.

Or, you have some non-vegan pals who want to go to the average pizza place downtown, and you do not want to be a party pooper. So what happens then?

Well, Little Caesars vegan options might do the trick.

Their level of service and quality of food makes them a worthy option when you want some delicious, fast and affordable snacks.

Even though they are a fast-food joint where meat features significantly, you might be surprised to know they actually have some vegan-friendly options up their sleeve.

For instance, their classic pizza is easy to modify for vegans.

For a rundown on Little Caesars vegan options, you can check out their website as well, which has a section for vegans and vegetarians alike.

The good news is that they clearly state the vegan foods on their website, so you are never in doubt of what you are eating or the ingredients it contains, but you will need to keep in mind that not everything here is exactly vegan friendly.

Things to keep in mind when ordering from here

If you are looking for a hot and ready-style pizza, you can only get it in the form of pepperoni and cheese varieties. Any other type will need more preparation time, and will also cost more.

If you want a vegan meal, you need to call them in advance to place the order, or you can go there in person but wait for a while.

What to order

The Little Caesars regular marinara sauce and regular crust

Maintain these basics when you are ordering your pizza and request that the pie be without cheese. Substitute the cheese with fruit and vegetables (the good news is that these will come in plenty).

Something worth noting – be very careful about getting the ‘Hula Hawaiian’ pizza. While it has plenty of pineapple toppings, it unfortunately has ham as well, and that disqualifies it from vegan-friendly snacks. If you really want it though, you can ask that it does not have ham and cheese on it.

Side dishes and desserts

Not many of these are vegan, unfortunately. However, you can still modify the piece de resistance – their branded breadsticks known as Crazy Bread.

When you order it, make sure to request for no Parmesan, and it will be vegan-friendly instantly. If you want some extra taste, feel free to go for the sauce – every sauce they offer is vegan.

When it comes to desserts, none of their options are vegan-friendly, although you can make some by using some of your pizza’s crust and applying fruit jam on it.

You can also sprinkle some of Little Caesars vegan powdered sugar on it.

Meatless sausage

This is the newest offering from the establishment in collaboration with Impossible Foods – and is a meatless take on sausages.

While it is not available in all their locations (it is only available in four stores as of now– Naples, FL; Yakima, WA; Ft. Myers, FL; and Albuquerque, NM), it offers an interesting alternative and additional vegan-friendly item on their menu.

The ingredients comprising it are similar to the burgers you will get from the company, and the flavor is due to heme from soy plants.

This makes the sausage friendlier to the environment, as well as being a healthier alternative to pork and beef, as it contains less fat and calories.

Little Caesars vegan friendly alternatives

As many pizza joints will not have vegan cheese (except a few), then you will likely need to be at peace with eating pizza that lacks cheese.

While that might not sound like the most appealing option, this pizza actually tastes really good, and it will eventually teach you that there is more to pizza than the cheese itself.

Substitute it with as much vegetable toppings as you want to make it more filling.

The great thing about being vegan and pizza eating is the number of options you can go for, which is not a feature of certain diets.

There are many establishments that cater to vegans as well, so you are not short of choices. These include:

Establishment What to order
Papa John’s You are safe with their veggie pizza, as their original hand-tossed dough and sauce is vegan. Make sure to request for no cheese.
Get extras of their garlic-dipping sauce, or get the BBQ sauce
Get extra veggie toppings
Domino’s Get the thin crust (the other options are not vegan) and their regular sauce
Try all the veggie toppings you want
Get some dipping cups of sauces on the side. Includes hot buffalo sauce, garlic sauce, BBQ sauce and Italian dipping sauce
Pizza Hut Get their Premium Crushed Tomato Pizza sauce, with the salted pretzel, Thin ‘N Crispy, or Hand-Tossed crusts
Get all veggie toppings you want
If you are going for the cinnamon sticks, make sure they do not include the icing dipping cup (since it contains milk)
Z Pizza This place offers organic pizza at an affordable cost. The toppings, crusts and cheese are all organic and vegan-friendly, while the toppings are meatless. Everything here is fresh and tastes good, so you can eat as much as you want
Pizza Fusion They have tons of things to choose from – vegan pizza, sandwiches, organic salads, and so on. Yes, they have vegan pizza, which has no gluten, tasty toppings, and vegan cheese – you are sure to entertain your taste buds immensely.

Final thoughts

While it is not the healthiest option to pursue regular eating at Little Caesars (or any other restaurant, for that matter), their options are friendly on your wallet, tasty, and you are sure to find something you enjoy.

They are also great for ordering a vegan pizza, although you can also consider the other options on the list as well.

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