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ruby tuesday vegan

Alongside losing weight, many people have decided to get healthier while making the world a better place.

Good thing is, you can do all this just by going vegan. The good news is, you have the opportunity to enjoy healthy, satisfying and delicious meal once you walk down that path.

Here are some of the reasons why Ruby Tuesday has included a vegan menu

Many people find Vegan food really delicious

Did you know that you can still have you favourite meals even when you go vegan?

The only difference is that you will have to replace the meat with some plant based proteins.

This means you can have a vegan burger, sandwich and ice-cream among other foods.

The only difference between the vegan menu and the basic menu is that there is significantly less cholesterol and cruelty.

The demand for vegan menu and restaurants has grown drastically over the last couple of years.

Ruby Tuesday vegan has come up with a dairy and meat free menu that has a great taste and is much healthier for you. They have great and tasty recipes  for people who want to start out

People want to be healthier and happier

It is obvious that going vegan is really great for your health.

Recent research shows that people who have go vegan are less likely going to develop issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases as compared to people who eat meat.

The statement that vegans do not get all the right nutrients from their diet has been debunked. Vegans can get all the healthy nutrients needed including fibre, proteins and complex minerals without having to eat meat.

It is one way to save the planet

The consumption of meat has played a lot into the environmental degradation.

In real sense, meat is not environmental friendly. Its production leads to waste generation that increases pollution. This is one of the biggest climate change causes.

The adaptation for a vegan diet has lead to a greener planet and will reverse these effects in the long run.

Accommodate people who are on a strict vegan diet

Vegan diet is revolutionary and has some benefits to human health.

Many people are now seeing the health and lifestyle benefits of a vegan diet.

Ruby Tuesday vegan has some dishes that are completely vegan, which is perfect for people who are transitioning and those who already enjoy the benefits of a full course vegan meal.

Here are some fresh vegan sides for lunch and dinner at ruby Tuesday

Meal Ingredients
baked potato Ordered with scallions
grilled Brussels sprouts with champagne apple vinaigrette Margarine, seasoning, Brussels sprouts, onions, champagne
grilled zucchini Basic zucchini
green beans Beans
steamed broccoli Fresh broccoli

The kid’s menu at Rubu Tuesdays contains

Buttery pasta
Linguini and pasta
Tomato-basil pasta
Linguini and marinara pasta

Ruby Tuesdays has a fresh Garden bar that has some spinach, iceberg lettuce, veggies, baby bellas, red onions, cucumbers, carrots, pepper strips, spring mix, broccoli florets, garden greens and black olives among other toppings.

Tips to help you find the perfect vegan restaurant

Do a quick online search

Finding the closest vegan restaurant is a s fast as searching online.

If you have access to the internet, you can get all the information you need about a specific restaurant.

This is helpful when you want to take a quick lunch or find a vegetable friendly restaurant while you are travelling.

All you have to do is type in you location and the name of a restaurant to enquire if it is vegan friendly.

It is also helpful if you are new to the vegan lifestyle and looking for a vegan friendly restaurant to snack for.

The good thing about finding restaurants online is that there are restaurants and reviews that will help you judge a restaurant before you make a decision.

Always plan ahead when you are going to a new restaurant

Even though people are starting to adopt the vegan lifestyle, it is not always possible to find the perfect vegan friendly restaurant.

Before you go to any new restaurants, ensure you check out their menu online.

This will help you see if they have vegan items you may be interested in. some restaurants also like to get a head’s up for vegans so you can both come to an agreement before you arrive at their restaurant.

Keep in mind that some restaurants will not be able to cater for some of your vegan requests.

Do you eat vegetarian?

Some people are on a strict vegan diet while others can do both vegan and vegetarian dishes.

The good thing about vegetarian dishes is that they can be quickly transformed to vegan dishes. All you have to do is order a meal without the animal protein.

Some restaurants do not have the vegetarian and vegan meals on the menu so you have to ask beforehand.

Creative sides

One thing you notice about most restaurants is that they offer vegan sides without even knowing it.

Others are quiet adjustable to your taste.

You can transform a side to vegan by taking out the meat protein and asking for the butter to be replaced with some vegetable oil.

Do not forget to order the side dish without the cheese, because most sides have them.

Final word

If you find that the food options at a restaurant are limited, try beverages. It could be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.

It will be fun more so if tit is something that you don’t do often. Also you can find some good vegan drinks at some restaurants or even websites like Barnivore.

Ethnic cousins also give you lots of options for a vegan meal. Restaurants such as Indian, Mexican or Thai will give you some good options that you can substitute.

Their meals are mostly naturally vegan and if they are not, you only require minimal adjustments without losing their original flavor.

Take some time to review online reviews by other customers. If you visit a restaurant, go to their website and leave a review too.

It will help the restaurant to improve on their vegan meals when they read your suggestions and implement them.

Since vegan diet has not fully ben adopted by restaurants, chances for a not so good experience are high. Lower your expectations and learn to not make a big deal of your experience.

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