Steak And Shake Vegan Options

Steak And Shake Vegan

Generally, this does not sound like a vegan friendly restaurant at all.

The words ‘Stake´ in stake and shake will rub you the wrong way when you are a vegan looking for restaurant options.

Surprisingly though, the Steak and shake restaurant franchise has been adding several vegetarian and vegan options to cater for people’s needs.

You have probably heard multiple people making arguments in favour of the vegan lifestyle.

Whether you are fully vegan or transitioning, you have to admit that there are a couple of benefits associated with it.

There are several reasons why people are motivated to start making these changes to their diets.

Some of the famous ones include:

Get slim and stay slim without major efforts

According to recent research, most vegans have a normal BMI.

People who include animal products in their diet have a higher BMI.

One main reason for this is that animals products are low in carbs but have very high fact contents.

Animal fat has high calories and can be converted into body fat easily when compared to carbs.

The growth stimulating hormone and calorie density on animal products makes you bigger and makes it much harder for you to lose weight.

Reduce animal intake and world hunger

It turns out that a high percentage of granins produced are used by animals instead of giving it to humans living in poor countries.

More than 60% of grains produced is given to animals, which does not make much sense when it comes to health lifestyle.

Reducing animal intake could also save on the water used on animal production.

Reduce climate change and save the environment

Close to 8% of the pollution on the planet comes from the meat industry.

This means that farming is ahead of transportation when it comes to the contribution of the greenhouse effect.

Wild animals’ duffer the consequences of greenhouse effect through mass extinction. Without this lifestyle, many of these animals face high risk of extinction.

Boost your moods

Animals produce a great amount of stress hormones on their way to the slaughter house.

When you cut out the meat, you automatically reduce or remove these hormones from your diet. This creates a significant impact on your stability and mood.

Research shows that people who eat a plant based diet have a better and healthier mood. You will experience less depression, tensions, fatigue.

The high levels of antioxidants in the fruits and vegetables have a positive effect on your psychological well being.

Vegan diets help you lower risk for heart disease and diabetes

Statistically, these are two of the most common chronic illness in the western world.

With a close to perfect diet, you can reduce the chances of suffering from such diseases.

Animal products have a lot of fat which causes it to build up in the arteries and cause cardiovascular issues.

A vegan diet will not only prevent such issues but also reverse them to control both diabetes and heart disease.

Improve your fitness

The biggest fear people have when abstaining from animal products is the loss of energy. You will be amazed to discover that the opposite is quiet true.

Meat and dairy are, in fact very difficult to digest and lead to a high energy loss. Adopting a vegan lifestyle will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Vegan foods give you enough energy to participate in any form of sport.

Try great vegan dishes

This is the best part of going vegan. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is quiet easy to adapt to a vegan lifestyle.

Restaurants like the steak and shake vegan have created an inclusive menu for vegans to make their meals accessible in most parts of the country.

There are close to 20,000 edible plant species in the word, which makes your vegan lifestyle quiet exciting. Most people have not even tried majority of these plants in their diet ever before.

What you can eat

Here is a vegan friendly menu items you will find at steak and shake

The breads

Buns, Knotted
Buns, Mini Kaiser


Vegan sandwich at steak n shake

Make sure you order your sandwich without the cheese and margarine

Sandwich Ingredients
The veggie melt The portabello mushroom and sour dough

The vegan sauces and dressings at steak and shake vegan include the Ketchup, BBQ, Fresh Salsa, Mustard, Buffalo Sauce and A-1 Steak Sauce.

Do not confuse the medium buffalo wing sauce with the buffalo sauce because they are two very different things.

The medium wing is made with eggs and dairy which makes it more vegetarian than vegan.

The vegan soups and sides at steak and shake vegan

Vegetable Soup Guacamole
French Fries Mandarin Oranges
Apples Garden Salad
Corn and Black Beans Tomato
Lettuce Onions
Pickle Slices Red Cabbage
Dried Cranberries Saltines
Oyster Crackers

The fact that steak and shake was predominantly known to serve some steak to their customers has not stopped them from making adjustments to suit the ever growing needs of the vegan community.

You can order their veggie melt without the cheese, some bread, sauces and dressings plus endless number of sides.

The vegan sides from steak and shake include the guacamole, mandarin oranges, corn, garden salads, vegetable soup, black beans, lettuce, tomato, red cabbage, saltines, dried cranberries and others

Final word

Many supermarkets and restaurants are now already vegan.

This makes it easy for you to keep up with your vegan lifestyle. You can now access a meal whether you are at home, work, on a trip or you just feel like snacking.

Most people are under the assumption that veganism is just about vegetables and fruits but there are endless amount of meals you can create from a variety of crops.

To make your experience smoother, it is wise that you do some research before showing up to a restaurant.

Some restaurants may offer a vegan option but it may not be on a certain standard that you may expect.

Steak and shake vegan has a variety of vegan foods and combinations you can make to create the perfect meal for you and your children.

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